Dewey Land Company

Who We Are

Dewey Land Company, Inc., seeks to attain exceptional risk-adjusted returns, while striving to preserve capital. We manage this risk and achieve this goal through our extensive market knowledge, local relationships and rigorous analytics, as well as our unique ability to identify demonstrable opportunities that significantly enhance the property's value. We continue to build on this success through our hands-on management and focused attention to detail.

Dewey Land Company, Inc., and its affiliates have acquired and developed in excess of 6 million square feet of commercial, life science lab, and multi-family projects in the Western United States.

Dewey Land Company, Inc is headquartered in Burlingame, CA.

Our Strategy

We aim to create, rather than passively evaluate, opportunities in the Bay Area. Our ability to leverage the Principals' long investment experience and extensive, seasoned networks of owners, advisors, banker and local operating partner relationships constitutes a clear strength. Often, speed to a decision creates a significant competitive advantage. Our deep and long-standing market knowledge allows us to more quickly assess and capitalize on opportunities to take immediate advantage of under-performing, mispriced and under-managed assets. We have distinguished our business model and competed effectively in sourcing transactions by stimulating collaborative thinking with vendors and prospective partners and by offering creative "win-win" solutions rather than just providing capital.

Our Process

Reduce Risk

Our hands-on approach helps to eliminate surprises and reduce our investment risk from the outset. We know our markets intimately and have a strong context for each property we review and acquire. Our common practice is to accelerate key due diligence items before moving forward with an investment to ensure nothing is assumed. Our network of engineers, brokers, architects and construction companies allows us to study and master each detail of a potential investment while anticipating obstacles; from finding new tenants, to working with local governments to get approvals for changes, to planning and managing each aspect of structural or cosmetic improvements "down to the dollar."

Reposition the Asset

After we identify, evaluate and acquire an asset, we aggressively implement our plan to reposition it. We have an established process for making improvements and modifications to create and stabilize cash flow and value. These programs include improving common areas, making cosmetic exterior improvements, addressing deferred maintenance and needed capital expenditures, as well as re-tenanting the building. Where there is significant value-creation potential, we can refurbish assets to increase cash flow and overall value. Through our long-term track record and knowledge of the repositioning process, we have developed expertise in delivering a project on time and on budget, and creating additional value through efficient project management. Lastly, we remarket the modified or repostioned asset to the most aggressive user or investor universe through our network of relationships.

Hands-On Management

We believe that building long-term value requires a hands- on management approach with continuous involvement by the Principals. This involvement includes construction management, asset management, property management oversight, direct lease negotiation/retention and disposition, and continuously building the relationships with our tenants that we establish during the leasing process. Our geographic focus means that we are able to visit our assets regularly. When it is time to dispose of an asset, our personal knowledge of the market drives additional value in the sale process. Our Principals' operational expertise enables us to leverage that background and significantly enhance value.

Effective Exit Strategies

Reflecting our belief that managing the realization of investments from Day One represents a key component of the overall investment success, a clearly defined exit strategy is an integral part of our investment selection and structuring process. For the investments to be made we seek to implement the same balance between aggressive realization testing and patient focus on maximizing investment value that we have demonstrated throughout our history. We focus on the appropriate hold duration to secure the most prudent return on equity invested with each property we acquire. Our deep understanding of our target markets and proven exit experience and discipline represent important competitive advantages of our team.